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mediterranean chateau



Bolo de Mousse de Chocolate – Chocolate Mousse Cake 6
The ultimate chocolate lovers dream cake! A layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate filled wafer.

Bolo de Tres Leites – Tres Leches Cake 6
Rich tender sponge cake delicately soaked in three luscious milks and covered with a white satiny cream topping

Bolo de Amendoa Torrada e Créme
– Toasted Almond Cream Cake 6
Ladyfingers delicately soaked in Amaretto syrup, layered with Mascarpone cream and topped with Amarettini cookies and roasted almonds

Torta de Queijo – New York Style Cheesecake 6
Just a plain honest-to-goodness cream cheese cake sitting upon a cookie dough crust

Bolo de Maça – Apple Crunch Cake 6
A lavish layer of apples and spice concealed between two crunchy layers

Créme Brulée 6

Pudin de Mousse de Chocolate
– Homemade Chocolate Mousse Pudding 4

Pudin Flan – Homemade Caramel Custard Pudding 4

Tartufo 6
A vanilla and chocolate bon-bon is chock-full of a tantalizing combination of nuts and a cherry. The outer shell consists of a velvety smooth, bittersweet chocolate blend

Homemade Serra Dura 5
Authentic Portuguese dessert consisting of heavy cream, whipped cream and crumbled cookies

Affogato 5
Vanilla ice cream topped with espresso, whipped cream and cinnamon

Coconut Rice Pudding 5
Homemade rice pudding with coconut

Orange 6
Lemon 6
Mango 7
Watermelon 7.50

Ice Cream
Vanilla 4.50
Chocolate 4.50
Cappuccino 4.50

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please make us aware of any allergies you may have.


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